[clug-talk] Open Source Net Nanny-esque program

Evan Brown evan at totaltrucking.com
Thu Mar 31 09:07:33 PST 2005

Hi Guys

Thanx for the suggestions, there is only 1 computer that needs to be 
locked down so I'm not sure if making a proxy server for that one 
computer is worth while. I'm going to check out this prioxy program, it 
seems that you need to create a black list of sites for it though, there 
are places on the net that have such lists are there not?


bogi wrote:

>Hi Evan.
>Try privoxy
>it has a win32 version :-)
>On March 30, 2005 15:43, Evan Brown wrote:
>>Hi Guys
>>My wife needs me to find a piece of software like net nanny that can
>>stop users from going to gambling sites. She works for a non-profit
>>organization so they don't have much money. Also they run windooze on
>>the public machine, anyone have any suggestions. I figured if it was
>>open source this crowd would know, I'm also googling for answers, trying
>>not to be totally lazy :).
>>Evan Brown

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