[clug-talk] Advocacy - The People You Meet

Cameron Nikitiuk cameron.nikitiuk at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 31 05:40:44 PST 2005

Just thought I would share a couple chance meetings I had with
Linux/Potential Linux folks out there.

I was recently browsing at a Chapter's (Damn I miss Nexus!) for a book and
taking a look at some magazines.  This one gentleman was looking at some
Linux magazines and I happen to mention that I was currently reading the one
of the one's he was looking at.  This started what was probably at least a
half hour conversation, in which he shared his frustration with Microsoft
and constantly paying through the nose for their software and how he was
looking for alternatives.  I mentioned that I was a member of CLUG and he
said he was going to the next meeting.  Well...to make what could be long
story short he had tried Linux before but had run into roadblocks and gave
up on it, but was willing to try it again and was specifically looking at
FLOSS project management software.  I remembered the recent discussion we
had on that topic recently so I sent him a synopsis of some projects that
were mentioned and some I found on my own.  I look forward to seeing Eric at
the next meeting.

The second incident happened just a couple days ago.  Was at Indigo this
time and was buying a magazine.  Happen to comment to myself (but out loud)
that I couldn't find what I was looking for.  he asked me my opinion on a
couple mags and we got to talking.  Was funny, during our chat, both of our
computer widows happen to walk by at different times.  LOL!  Anyways, he was
a long time Windows user and was using some proprietary graphics software
(can't remember title) on Windows 98 and was just feeling a bit frustrated
with it.  He has been looking at Linux lately (partial frustrations with
software costs for what you get) and I think started a business (or
starting) related to computer support.  I mentioned the GIMP and a few other
things as well as CLUG.  I gave him my e-mail and invited him to the
meeting.  I got a nice warm fuzzy when he said that I seemed to know what I
was talking about and that my knowledge was better shared than some other
people he had met.  Sure made me feel good!

Anyways...thought I would share as a way to encourage those folks out there
that may see themselves as newbies or whatever.  You don't have to be an
expert to spread the good word.

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