[clug-talk] Shaw Xtreme-I Internet Service

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Tue Mar 29 10:31:26 PST 2005

Comparing both nearly side by side (my neighbour has extreme) my _personal_
observations are this:

Regular Shaw high speed has a slight advantage in downloading, at least in the
SE of Calgary.  I have noticed wild speed differences in various parts of town
using my laptop.

Extreme has a definite edge in uploading.

Extreme has an edge in latency.  My neighbour is a gamer and his 
experience was
that Shaw Extreme performed more consistently with respect to latency.  Using
mtr the extreme service did not seem to have the same number nor the same
severity of latency spikes on the regular shaw service

My understanding was that the newer modems gave them (Shaw) more precise
bandwidth monitoring.  Also, when I last spoke to a tech on the phone at shaw,
he "suggested" that I keep my monthly bandwidth usage below 50 gigs.

These are just my personal, direct observations.  As a result, your 
mileage may

Quoting Mark Lane <mark at harddata.com>:

> Jim Clarke wrote:
>> I have found it to be a significant improvement, 25% overall 
>> bandwidth improvement upstream and downstream. Current stats 
>> indicated:
>> 3.7 megabits per second
>> Communications 3.7 megabits per second
>> Storage 453.9 kilobytes per second
>> 1MB file download 2.3 seconds
>> Subjective rating Awesome provided by: http://bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/
>> Stats posted effective Mar 23 | 12:00pm
> I got 2.5Mbit/s on the non-extreme but that's really subjective as it 
> depends on unreliable internet traffic. To test speed you need to 
> download something from a shaw server so that you remove the internet 
> from the equation. I believe shaw still has a tucows mirror but I 
> haven't been there in a while. A good test for us in edmonton is too 
> download something from the UofA because we don't have to leave the 
> shaw backbone to get to the UofA network.
> To further state this point, I got 3741 Kbps from Speakeasy 
> (dslreports) and on good days I have seen over 6000 Kbps. One of the 
> other sites gave me 450Kps today.
> A few weeks ago I downloaded WinXP64 RC2 at over 800 KBps that's well 
> over 6Mbps.
> So that brings me to having extreme versus not having extreme. I have 
> looked into it and this is what I have found out. This is somewhat 
> AFAIK as it does involve answers from 3rd parties and shaw marketing 
> (both of which can be very unreliable sources)
> 1) Shaw can't cap the bandwidth old CyberSurfer Wave modems. Thus it 
> is possible for someone to obtain as good or better download speeds 
> than someone with extreme. I have seen this in action.
> 2) The Upload speed on extreme is definitely higher than non-extreme. 
> I never see much over 550 Kbps up and people with extreme have broken 
> 1000 Kbps up. Great for people serving up bittorrents or webservers.
> 3) Residential Extreme customers have a 50GB transfer limit per 
> month. Non-Extreme customers have no stated limit but it is implied 
> that it is less than 50GB (rumor has it it's 20GB). Anyone constantly 
> hitting the 20-50GB range on the non-extreme are going receive 
> recommendations to upgrade to Extreme or lower their bandwidth usage.
> 4) My boss asked shaw what the advantages Extreme provided and they 
> said that basically that extreme users are going to receive more 
> consistant high bandwidth than the non-extreme customers. Unlike 
> regular cable server where some neighbourhoods are over saturated 
> with users (and/or abusers), the extreme networks are going to kept a 
> ratio where there is at least 5Mbit/s bandwidth available per 
> customer. I have heard rumors that the DOCSIS modems are even capped 
> at 5Mpbs to help with this.
> So for me who currently lives in a community without much cable 
> bandwidth use, I have no plans to switch to Extreme. Especially since 
> AFAIK know it would require me to buy a new modem. However I am 
> moving in may and if my connection slows down as a result, I probably 
> would switch to extreme later this year.
> -- 
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