[clug-talk] [Off-Topic] Windows longhorn to feature a new kernel?

Travis Rousseau travis at 802.11calgary.com
Sun Mar 27 11:20:57 PST 2005

>"What hasn't changed is the May 2006 release date: While internal discussions 
>at Microsoft recently questioned whether August 2006 would be more viable, 
>the word has come down from on high: May 2006 is non-negotiable."
>Am I the only one who thinks that
>1. trying to meet a deadline that at least some of their staff think is 
>unreasonable will result in the usual dog's breakfast at the end of the death march?
Yeah, another thing i like about linux is that alot of distros don't 
release stuff TILL its ready.

>2.They won't actually make it?
That whould be sweet!!!!

I think microsoft needs to prepare for cell technology (like the 
upcomeing prossesor of the Play Station 3) or they will really start to 
lose customers.

Travis R.

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