[clug-talk] Apache 2 and Tomcat 5 help?

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sat Mar 26 07:40:42 PST 2005

I'm having problems getting Apache setup to work with Tomcat.  I'm able to 
load jsp files if they are in the tomcat webapps directory, but not if they 
are in a user's public_html directory.  mod_jk2 is installed, and seems to be 
working - I'm getting a tomcat 404 page, not the usual Apache 404 page, yet 
the file DOES exist.  Opening a .html file in the same folder works fine.  
(i.e. http://localhost/~sgrover/test.jsp - causes a tomcat 404 page to 
appear, http://localhost/~sgrover/test.html works fine.)

I'm relatively new to JSP / Tomcat, so suspect I messed up a configuration 
file.  But I'm not sure which one is pertinent here.  Can anyone offer any 
tips on which config file is the likely culprit?  Or at the very least which 
one(s) I should post for review?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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