[clug-talk] Suggestions?

Martin Glazer linux at glazer.ca
Wed Mar 23 22:18:12 PST 2005

Thanks for everyones responses - there are a lot of great points that I can 
use in the presentation.

My audience is typically going to be the single person company on a tight 
budget just starting off, most likely a pretty computer illiterate end user 
familiar with Windows applications.

Obviously the biggest attraction (in this case) to using FLOSS is the cost - 
this will not be the hard sell.

The bigger challenge is in terms of support or lack thereof (perceived) and 
familiarity with existing applications.

From the support perspective I think it is more a comfort level of knowing 
that there is this large corporation who can provide one with answers if need 
be (even though I've never known anybody to actually call Microsoft for 
support). Who does one call for OpenOffice, for example? If I had a problem 
with Word, I can always call any number of people for help, just because that 
is the dominant application and hence more people are familiar with it.
As I mentioned, I believe this is more of a perceived issue than an actual 

The second challenge is one of familiarity - people do not like change. They 
have used a particular application, know how to accomplish required tasks 
with it and are comfortable. By using something new, one is asking them to 
move out of their comfort zone. This may be OK if one can get help when 
needed, but then this leads back to the support issue.

Combined, I believe these are the biggest hurdles to introducing FLOSS.

Thanks once again


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