[clug-talk] Suggestions?

Travis Rousseau travis at 802.11calgary.com
Tue Mar 22 21:26:10 PST 2005

Michael Gale wrote:

> Hello,
>     Due to the fact that many Linux users them selves do not have a 
> clear understanding of why use open source and the general public is 
> subjective to Microsoft marking.
> I suggest you listen to Richard M. Stallman at:
> http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/audio/audio.html
> Hey makes some create points on why we should use and promote open 
> source. Besides the usual "It is free".
> Michael.
I use Linux and oss because of this and a few other reasons
(This was taken out of LinuxUser mag 46)
The entire proprietary software market has been moving in the direction 
of increased control for years. At a fundamental level, proprietary 
software means that you do not control what it does.

Stallman again has criticized this. In his book Free Software, Free 
Society he notes that "Microsoft has done this several times: one 
version of Windows was designed to report to Microsoft all the software 
on your hard disk; a recent 'security' upgrade in Windows Media Player 
requires users to agree to new restrictions."

Just the idea of some one watching what I have installed scares the crap 
out of me. Even if its not true it still has a possibility and thats 
enough to give me a scare.

(one really good distro that is _just_ OSS is UTUTO)

Travis R.

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