[clug-talk] Suggestions?

Dave Watkins dave at davewatkins.net
Tue Mar 22 14:09:54 PST 2005

Hi Martin,

Some links you may want to review:




http://www.oclug.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Linux advocacy resources



I'd suggest that you present accurate and verifiable info and avoid the
"Evangelism" method. Businessmen will make their decisions based on facts
rather than hype. Give them some examples of the various applications that
are out there and be sure to mention the latest version of OpenOffice which
is in it's final? Beta version.

Possibly present a business model detailing the various applications and how
they apply to the various users within their organizations. The Receptionist
chats with a salesman using VOIP/Skype, fires off a letter and a spreadsheet
using OpenOffice ....well, you get the picture.

Something along this line lends itself well to a visual show and tell
presentation and when accompanied by a few live distros gives them something
to look at in the office afterwards.


Dave Watkins

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Hi Martin,

Linux has everything a small business IT infrastructure needs.  It can
be its firewall/router/VPN.  It can be the domain controller/file
server/print server with Samba.  It can be the email/webmail server. It
can be the web server.  It can be the ftp server.

	  	Windows	 		Linux
Firewall  	$2000.00 or more	$0
Domain/File  	$1500.00		$0
Exchange/email	$3000.00		$0
Web Server	$1500.00		$0
FTP Server	$1500.00		$0

This is the ballpark cost of windows server license and possible other
software need for these services.  It does not include the Desktop CALs
needed to connect to windows servers. No CALs needed for Linux Servers.

If you want to talk about desktop then you can talk about Win XP license
costs, CALs for Servers, and MS Office costs compared to Linux and one
of the Linux office suites.

My $0.02


Martin Glazer wrote:
| Hey All,
| I'm due to give a talk next month to a group new entrepreneurs and small
| business owners. I would like to introduce them to Linux and explain
how they
| can benefit from the use of open source software.
| As this will be the first talk I've given on this subject, I'm looking
| some suggestions on what topics I should include, articles I can
reference or
| any general hints, tips or advice
| Thanks
| Martin
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