[clug-talk] Perl regular expressions ?

Dave Lee dave.lee.wilson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 20:08:17 PST 2005

Michael Gale <michael.gale at bluesuperman.com> wrote:
> print $input it will equal "Memory Usage: 1234;678;000;4567"
> print $input =~ /(\d+);(\d+);(\d+);(\d+)/; it will produce "12346780004567"
> which may be confusing ... because what happens to $1 ? Remember because
> "/(pattern)/" is supposed to assign the match to a $1 and $2 and so on.
> It actually does ... it just gets printed with out any spaces.

use the field seperator variable, $, if you assign a string to this
variable the output of the print function will more clearly show the
individual values $1,$2,$3,etc.  for example:

$, = "\n";
print $input =~ /(\d+);(\d+);(\d+);(\d+)/;

will print each of the values on their own line.


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