[clug-talk] Event: [Somewhat OT] FW: You're invited totheMicrosoft Platform Technical Briefing Dinner

Dave Watkins dave at davewatkins.net
Sat Mar 19 21:07:58 PST 2005

Hi All,

Iuf anyone that ic CONFIRMED on this event cannot go please give me a shjoul and I'll go
instead if you haven't sent a replacement.

I'm WAITLISTED now but given the size of the venue I doubt they'll add seats.


Dave Watkins

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>>>invited totheMicrosoft Platform Technical Briefing Dinner
>>>I too had that experience...I go downtown about 5 and just 
>>>got home now 8:22.  So much to choose from and soooomany people.
>>>I did manage to pick up a "Tux For President" T-shirt for $5 
>>>and a Tux clock also for a fiver.  Wish I would have saw the 
>>>inflatable chair.. damn!
>>>But I do agree with what Aaron said...i know I joke a bit 
>>>abot MS from time to time.. as we all do...but I do want to 
>>>go down there and learn something.
>>>I believe very much n the right tool for the right job.. 
>>>even if that means Windows and other proprietary stuff.  
>>>FLOSS is all about freedom and that is something I hold in 
>>>high regard.
>>>I guess I will see you down there Aaron!
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>>>invited to 
>>>> theMicrosoft Platform Technical Briefing Dinner
>>>> I just came from the Nexus sale... They did have a few shirts 
>>>> available.  As well as the blow up penguin chair.. :)
>>>> Joe was VERY surprised at the turn out.  He wasn't 
>>>expecting that much 
>>>> interest.  I had to wait in line for about 40 minutes to 
>>>get in the 
>>>> door.
>>>> Then another hour and a half selecting my books, then 
>>>waiting to pay 
>>>> for them...  (hint hint - plan LOTS of time if you are 
>>>going to visit).
>>>> Shawn
>>>> On Friday 18 March 2005 14:33, Cameron Nikitiuk wrote:
>>>> > Oooo nice touch... cept I dont have a linux shirt... (wonder if
>>>> Nexus will
>>>> > have one at there sale) anyone have one they want to get 
>>>covered in 
>>>> > the blood of Microsofties? ;-)
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