[clug-talk] Event: [Somewhat OT] FW: You're invited to the Microsoft Platform Technical Briefing Dinner

Aaron Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Fri Mar 18 14:15:36 PST 2005

On March 18, 2005 14:18, Frank wrote:
> I think we should all go and load the audience, laughing long and hard
> when the inevitable crap comes up.  Bring a barf bag and a bib so you
> can scarf down the free meal without spoiling (hint) your best Linux
> shirt!!

hehe... as fun as this would be ... the high road is usually better ;) having 
a good Open Source contingent there would be a good idea though.

i actually decided to register for this one since it is about Linux and i'd 
really rather be there to be able to do polite, informed and professional 
damage control if necessary. i would also really like to hear what they are 
telling people in their sales pitches. they tend to know (due to market 
research budgets) what people care about; and its always good to know on 
advance what you're going to hear from the local Microsofty next month ;)

Microsoft is seriously competing against Linux now and it's up to those who 
care to and have the knowledge necessary to ensure that they do not succeed 
in misrepresenting Open Source.

and i guarantee you they will try.

Aaron J. Seigo
Society is Geometric
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