[clug-talk] Event: [Somewhat OT] FW: You're invited to the Microsoft Platform Technical Briefing Dinner

Cameron Nikitiuk cameron.nikitiuk at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 18 11:03:46 PST 2005

MicrosoftHi All,

Thought I would  share this item that came through my Inbox today.  It looks
like it will be MS talking about Unix/Linux & OSS.  I would imagine they
will no doubt present a very balanced view of the whole issue. ;-) (TIC -
Tounge In Cheek)

Even if the information is slight;y one-sided at least you get some free
stuff and a dinner out of the deal.


        Join Barnaby Jeans, National IT Pro Advisor for the Developer &
Evangelist team at Microsoft,  April 26, 2005 at the Calgary Stampede as he
delves into a technical evaluation of Microsoft, Unix and Linux based
platforms. It's an opportunity to expand your knowledge around these diverse
platforms, learn how to implement and deploy your own solutions. A dinner
will be provided.

        Space is limited, please RSVP now by calling 1-877-673-8368 (Event
ID 1032271366 ) or to register online click here.

               Barnaby Jeans - National IT Pro Advisor , Developer &
Platform Evangelist Team
              Prior to joining Microsoft, Barnaby most recently worked as a
Sales Engineer for Red Hat Canada helping to establish their Canadian sales
force. Prior to that, he worked as a technical Sales Consultant at Oracle
Canada focusing on enterprise architecture. He has been working with Linux
for the past 10 years and brings over 8 years experience in dealing with
customers of all sizes and on all platforms.

        Hear Barnaby speak on the evolution of operating platforms. Gain
insights into how Linux and OSS have developed, how they are tested,
distributed and more. Explore the Ecosystem :- who are the players and who's
accountable for what. And finally, get the answers to the questions on
everybody's mind: Are Linux and OSS driving technology innovation? What is
the roadmap for strategic IT planning?

        Barnaby will host a question-and-answer period after the Technical
Discussion, so don't miss out on this event!

        Space is limited, please RSVP now by calling 1-877-673-8368 (Event
ID 1032271366 ) or to register online click here.

        To assist you in your continued learning of diverse software
platforms, you'll receive an Expand Your Knowledge kit - free of charge. The
kit includes:

             Complimentary full working copy of Microsoft Windows ServerT
2003 Standard Edition operating system
             Microsoft Press Book - Windows Administrator Companion ($43.99
             Product Evaluation Software
             And More..

              Date: April 26, 2005
              Location: Calgary Stampede
              Rotary House
              20 Round Up Way S.E.
              Calgary, Alberta
              6:00pm-7:00pm Registration
              & Dinner
              7:00pm-8:00pm Technical
              8:00pm-8:30pm Q & A

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