[clug-talk] OT - Apologies for top posting

Frank fledderhof at telus.net
Thu Mar 17 11:52:06 PST 2005

Prefer top-posting here.  Can't see the sense in anything else!   ;cP

Unless I've missed something recently, the bottom-posting Gestapo in our 
lovely little organization are an unofficial entity and their preference 
is just that, not a solid rule.  So go nuts!!!   :c)

If we could get everyone - and I do mean everyone - to trim the CLUG sig 
lines from the bottom of their postings, so we don't get SIXTEEN of them 
in a long thread, I for one would feel infinite gratitude and joy.  I 
might even have enough left over to meditate on the concept of 
bottom-posting, for all the good it would do in changing my behaviour.

With best regards and all the humility I can muster,


Cameron Nikitiuk wrote:

> Straight to hell with you then!!!
> Just kidding!
> No problem...I tend to top post myself....I usually forget to bottom
> post...oops!
> The way I figure...as long as the message gets through...who cares where and
> how it is posted.
> :-)
> Cameron
>>I just noticed I top posted my reply to the PDF thread. oops. I
>>communicate with quite a few Microsofties at work, they get mad when I
>>bottom post, and I forget sometimes...
>>Robert Toole
>>Sr. Systems Engineer
>>KN Logistics / Calgary

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