[clug-talk] Create / Edit / Save PDF - Open Source for Windows

Cameron Nikitiuk cameron.nikitiuk at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 17 10:36:08 PST 2005

I use and have recommended the products available from www.software995.com.

The pdf tool is based on GhostScript and sets itself up as a printer
(similar to adobe).  There are seperate downloads to allow you to edit and
increase the functionality of the printing module.  They are free downloads
but will create a "sponsor/nag-link" when they are used.  You can eliminate
that buy purchasing a very low cost license.  SOmething like $30 USD for a
license for the 3 main products.

I had a client that was looking at the same thing youa re.  He had an
upgrade version of Adobe acrobat but was looking for an older version to
upgrade.  I suggest hiim using the pdf995 & pdfedt995 together and he seemed
happy.  For the pruoses of the triaining we did and for what he was doing it
worked perfectly.  I don't know if he ever registered it to kill the sponsor
screen but the cost was rigth to him.

Also, the contract I am currently on, they do use the pdf995 as well.

I have used most of the products in this suite and will likely get around to
purchasing a license one of these days.

If you want more information call me at home (301-3617) or contact me
off-list (cameron.nikitiuk at shaw.ca) and I can give you all the info you



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