[clug-talk] Create / Edit / Save PDF - Open Source for Windows

Neil Bower linux at benneb.ca
Thu Mar 17 09:51:31 PST 2005

On Thu March 17 2005 10:35, Dave Watkins wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just looking now but was wondering what any of you have been using to
> create, edit and save .pdf documents. A customer of mine wants to spend
> $600.00 and I'm hoping to save him a few $$$. The app must run on Windows
> OS.

No ideas for alternatives, but check and see what your client wishes to print 
to in PDF. Is it just pages of letter or legal size, or are they looking at 
oversized documents.  The other thing is do they just want the basic PDF or 
the additional "security" features.

Most of the alternatives to Adobe can create the basic legal or letter size 
PDFs, but beyond that your mileage may vary.

Just some thoughts...

Neil Bower
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