[clug-talk] Create / Edit / Save PDF - Open Source for Windows

Trever Miller trever at cyberdex.ca
Thu Mar 17 09:52:51 PST 2005

smagnuson at forzani.com wrote:
> OpenOffice ?
> http://www.openoffice.org/

I've had some issues with OO 1.1 pdf generation producing some garbled
bits here and there. I hope it's better with OO 2.0

Unfortunately this means I have had to punt and use windows for pdf
generation. I've had good results with cutepdf writer (free as in beer),
which integrates and looks just like a windows printer. So you can use
any app on Windows to create a document then print to cutepdf writer.

Cutepdf writer requires you to install a version of ghostscript. Both
ghostscript and the cutepdf packages are available at


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