[clug-talk] Linux C++ programming :)

Tiernan C. news at nerdofthenorth.com
Tue Mar 15 16:55:01 PST 2005

I'm actually working my way through "Teach Yourself C++ Programming in 
21 Days" as we speak. I'm finding it quite good and easy to understand. 
It doesn't go into much detail about IDEs or compilers, but I've found 
that so far, it works just as well with nano and g++ as with Visual C++ 
(which is what it was written for). I don't know if it's any better than 
the book you've got now, but I for one, can highly recommend it.

	-Tiernan C.

Michael Gale wrote:
> I was thinking that maybe I should pick up something like "Teach 
> Yourself C++ Programming for Linux in 21 Days" by SAMS to give me a kick 
> start and then finish reading the "How to Program C++" book, plus it 
> will be a great reference.
> So two questions :)
> 1. Has any one here read the "Teach Yourself C++ Programming for Linux 
> in 21 Days" book and if so is it any good. Do I require a Window's box 
> to use any example or provided apps ?
> 2. Would it be worth the $20 bucks or should I just stick with my 
> current book.

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