[clug-talk] Software patents and XML

Peter Carless pcarless at carless.com
Mon Mar 14 17:27:01 PST 2005

Hi all,
This article from the New Zealand Herald describes a patent application by 
Microsoft, where they claim to have invented and own the process whereby a 
word-processing document stored in a single XML file may be manipulated by 
applications that understand XML.


This is kind of scary.

<nit pick>
There is one minor error in the article however where it claims that  the 
January 1975 Scientific American 's cover featured the Altair 8800, a 
US$500 kitset computer developed by Albuquerque research engineer Ed Robert.

The magazine was Popular Electronics not Scientific American and the 
developer's name was Ed Roberts not Ed Robert.
</nit pick>


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