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Hi All,

Rod Orman has requested that the following message be posted to the CLUG Talk list. If
anyone is interested in getting involved with the Convergence event in May please join
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Dave Watkins
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Here is a list of CLUG members who have volunteered to help staff the booth and/or help
out prior to the expo. If your circumstances change and you need to change your
commitment level, please let me know as early as you can. We will get someone else to

If anyone would like to help, please reply to the Convergence mailing list.

As it stands, we have two people who have committed to attend all day for both days and
two others who have committed to one full day each.
That gives us a core of two people, all day for both days. This is probably not enough.
I think the core should be three firm, cast-in-stone staffers for both days. Four would
be ideal. We had that last year and it worked well.

We also have one who has committed to ad-hoc staffing. We could use a few more who could
commit to "drop-in" time and cover the full time staff for breaks, lunches, etc.

So far we have (my apologies if you have volunteered and I have missed your name):

Booth staff
Kin Wong - 1 day (possibly 2)
Gustin Johnson - 1 day
Rod Ormon - 2 days
Dave Watkins - 2 days
Jesse Kline - ad-hoc
Shawn Grover - not sure yet
Brian Butts - not sure yet

Pre expo support staff
Szemir Khangyi
John (sorry no last name yet)
Travis Rousseau

Curtis Banks - absent, no contact yet
Bill Rayment - absent, no contact yet

Maybe this post should go to the clug-talk mailing list. Would someone who is subscribed
to that list, please post on that list?


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