[clug-talk] SUSE-Linux-9.2-FTP-DVD.iso

Jon Copeland jonno at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 13 20:06:21 PST 2005

Is there a local site to download SUSE-Linux-9.2-FTP-DVD.iso?  I've 
tried absolutely EVERY single mirror listed at 

Out of all of them only 1 link worked (or was fast enough).  I started 
to DL the iso but it cut off at 800megs and couldn't resume because 
according to wget the file was completely downloaded which I know isn't 
true, it's in the region of 3.2GB's.

If there's a local link to this file somewhere here in AB and you know 
about it I would much appreciate hearing about it.

Also, does anybody know if Novell will make 9.3 available as an iso?


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