[clug-talk] Linux C++ programming :)

Michael Gale michael.gale at bluesuperman.com
Sun Mar 13 16:46:50 PST 2005


	I am trying to learn C++ programming to create Linux apps.

I consider my self a System Admin first but am finding that some times 
being able to create simple little apps would ease my job and help me 
along the way.

I consider my self very proficient in bash and a novice in perl. I have 
been reading "How to Program C++" by Deitel & Deitel. It is an excellent 
book. But I am finding it difficult to start, the book is very thorough 
and detailed so perhaps it is to detailed for a beginner. Plus it does 
not cover anything out side the C++ ANSI standard. Like IDE's or using 
g++ from the command line.

I was thinking that maybe I should pick up something like "Teach 
Yourself C++ Programming for Linux in 21 Days" by SAMS to give me a kick 
start and then finish reading the "How to Program C++" book, plus it 
will be a great reference.

So two questions :)

1. Has any one here read the "Teach Yourself C++ Programming for Linux 
in 21 Days" book and if so is it any good. Do I require a Window's box 
to use any example or provided apps ?

2. Would it be worth the $20 bucks or should I just stick with my 
current book.

Thanks ..


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