[clug-talk] echo in skype

Scott Zuk szuk at telusplanet.net
Fri Mar 11 18:57:02 PST 2005

On March 11, 2005 6:13 pm, Eric Mei wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry maybe this is off topic. I often experience echo during vox chat
> using skype (to skype), I use headset instead of speakers. It's
> especially serious when chat with friends outside of north america.
> Usually I can hear echo of my own voice, but my friend side is just
> perfect.
> I wonder how echo is produced and how could be solved. Dose anybody have
> idea? Thanks a lot.

Is your friend using a headset too?  If not, maybe your voice coming out of 
their speakers is being picked up by their mic and thus you hear an echo.


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