[clug-talk] OT - Software Query

Cameron Nikitiuk cameron.nikitiuk at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 11 12:49:48 PST 2005

> Unaware of any FLOSS apps -- (I am assuming you are talking about the
> windows side of things).  I also use a product called SmartDraw (can be
> found here http://www.smartdraw.com/).  It does more than flow
> charting --
> it also does floor plans, gantt charts, org charts, technical diagrams
> (electronic circuits), calendars, etc.  Has a free trial and is
> around 200.
> It also has rubber banding which comes in really handle when you need to
> optimize your layout of objects.  Bonus - not Microsoft.

I actually have an older version of SmartDraw (2.0 or something like that)
and was pretty impressed with it the little I played.  But Kin brings up a
couple interesting things.  Would Kivio and Dia be able to do floor plans
and such as well?

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