[clug-talk] OT - Software Query

Kin C Wong kwong at csa-pdk.com
Fri Mar 11 09:14:45 PST 2005

>sorry if this is a bit more off-topic than some of my other posts but I have
>a couple questions.

No prob, at least I can contribute to this one.

>1) Does anybody have an old copy of Visio?  I have access to a
>shrink-wrapped 5.0 upgrade so would like to try and find a legal previous
>version that I can upgrade to.  Please contact me off-list of you can help
>out.  Or anyone know if a demo copy would work for upgrading?

I have a licensed copy of Visio but not an older one as a giveaway. You 
might want to try round-again software -- it is around centre and 16 ave.

>2) Any knows some good FLOSS apps that would essentially be the equivalent
>to Visio?  Are the apps compatible with the Visio format and the visio
>add-ons (pictures of things...whatever they are called...sorry very tired.)?

Unaware of any FLOSS apps -- (I am assuming you are talking about the 
windows side of things).  I also use a product called SmartDraw (can be 
found here http://www.smartdraw.com/).  It does more than flow charting -- 
it also does floor plans, gantt charts, org charts, technical diagrams 
(electronic circuits), calendars, etc.  Has a free trial and is around 200.

It also has rubber banding which comes in really handle when you need to 
optimize your layout of objects.  Bonus - not Microsoft.

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