[clug-talk] What just happened?

Travis Rousseau travis at 802.11calgary.com
Thu Mar 10 23:53:56 PST 2005

Ok my laptop currently running debian, I was playing a game called 
moon-buggy well it was all going good untill i just exited right out of 
the game by closing the window I looked at my memory and it was just 
filling up FAST! well it was full then the swap really started to fill 
up and when it was full it was about 3 seconds and my laptop was back to 
normal it didn't crash or anything it just went to normal (CPU, memory, 
swap, load)

Now to the questions.

Why and how did it go back to normal?
Why didn't it crash like windows does for me when this happeneds in windows?
Why could have this happened?
Why does this happen on a daily basis with windows (normaly 2 times in 3 
days) for me but the first time EVER (over a year now) for linux for me?
and finaly What just happened?

Travis R.

P.S. to watch the status of my systems when i'm at them i have the Gnome 
system monitor running for linux (if i'm running a GUI, top if im not) 
and the Windows Task Manager tab'ed to Performance

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