[clug-talk] A Mirror for clug

Nick W nickw77 at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 10 23:06:17 PST 2005

On March 10, 2005 09:13 pm, unleashed wrote:
> > Hmm, well that is me for now. I was able to set this up in a jiffy, good
> > idea Travis!
> >
> > Everyone can now use http://mirror.clug.ca to get to these ISO's
> For now i'll setup a redirect while I set it up
> >>I'll try to find the md5's  while this happeneds
> >
> > You have to make them yourself... at a console, do:
> Huh i thought it was suppose to be from the people that make the iso, I
> learned something new today!

Actually you should check the computed value of your copies against the server 
to be sure they match. Then you know your copies are good for others to grab.

> Travis R.
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