[clug-talk] Re: [elug] PCI Wireless Cards - Recommendations?

Trever Miller trever at cyberdex.ca
Sat Mar 5 11:44:09 PST 2005

Trever Miller wrote:
> DLink DI-624 (802.11g) works great on SuSE 9.2 out of the box.
> If you're using it on another distribution, your milage may vary.
> Takes a bit of mucking about compiling modules and so forth to get it
> working on Sun Java Desktop for example. (Which is based on an older
> version of SuSE)

Boy am I braindead today.  DI-624 is the wireless router.

The cards I'm using with it are the DWL-G650, hardware rev B3.

Again, check with your distribution for what it supports, unless you
want to screw around with custom kernels/modules and getting the same to
work again after your distro releases a kernel upgrade package etc...

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