[clug-talk] Red Hat system admin experience vs slackware / debian experience

Mark Lane mark at harddata.com
Wed Mar 2 16:32:24 PST 2005

Michael Gale wrote:

> Hello,
>  I am wondering how a career in system admin with slackware or debian 
> would compare with being a system admin in a RH only network ?
The basics are the same but to properly administer a RedHat box there 
are certain ways you should do things. IE don't install with make 
install but use  rpms. If you want a custom build, make an srpm to do 
it. It's trival to create a new kernel config and rebuild the kernel 
rpm. Nothing worse than fixing a redhat box where people have installed 
packages straight from source. If you do install from source you should 
always install to /usr/local so not to mess up installed rpms.

You need to learn how to use tools like chkconfig and service. Learning 
how to properly configure networks and stuff using the /etc/sysconfig/ 
directory scripts.  Studying for the LPI or RedHat certifications will 
give you a good overview.

> Would there be much difference ?

Well Slackware using BSD initscript as opposed to Sys-V Init Scripts. It 
takes more time to setup a slackware box because it doesn't have much in 
the way of hardware detection in the installer.

Setup properly Redhat is easier to use when supporting clients. Also 
it's easier for a client to get support for than Slackware.

> I have only used RH for desktops a few times and usually go back to 
> slackware.
I use RedHat and Fedora because I need to support the products. It's 
easier to support a product you use yourself.

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