[clug-talk] Red Hat system admin experience vs slackware / debian experience

Paul Greidanus paul.greidanus at ualberta.ca
Tue Mar 1 19:38:15 PST 2005

I tend to avoid RedHat whenever I can, but in the case of knowing X or 
Y, I'd suggest knowing X and Y. :)

Also, with the release of Solaris 10 for x86, it might not be a bad idea 
to take a look at Solaris, and a few BSDs as well.. Open's my favorite.

The more tools in your belt the better.

Michael Gale wrote:
> Hello,
>  I am wondering how a career in system admin with slackware or debian 
> would compare with being a system admin in a RH only network ?
> Would there be much difference ?
> I have only used RH for desktops a few times and usually go back to 
> slackware.
> Michael
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