[clug-talk] Kontact synchronization?

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Mon Jan 31 20:36:16 PST 2005

One good thing about playing with different distros is that you end up seeing 
other applications you haven't used.  This is the case with the Suse 9.2 I 
just installed on the laptop...

I have found Kontact (have been using Kmail and Address Book in Suse 9.1), and 
like what I see thus far.  I even just discovered I had Kontact installed on 
the 9.1 desktop box.  I like the way it uses the Address Book, but provides a 
common interface.  So, now I have a common tool on two different boxes...

The problem is that the laptop may be disconnected from the network, but still 
need this information.  That's fine, if I want to manually export/import the 
contacts.  But this can get tedious, especially if I add contacts while away 
from the network - there's a potential to inadvertently loose this info.  So 
I'm wondering if there is an easier way to keep the two instances 
synchronized, yet allow the laptop to be off network for arbitrary periods of 
time.  I'm sure I can set up an LDAP server for my contacts to alleviate 
this, but there will be times where Interent connectivity just isn't 

I'll be building an rsync routine to sync some other files (documents, work 
files, etc.).  Is there some way to programatically trigger an export of the 
data, then trigger an import?  The transfer of the files should be relatively 
straight forward...  I know there are similar tools for PDAs, do any work 
with laptops?

Or is there a better method to keep select files/resources synched between a 
laptop and a desktop?  Thanks for any tips.


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