[clug-talk] How to change the Window Manager?

Unleashed unleashed at unleashedgamers.com
Mon Jan 31 10:29:42 PST 2005

I thought that was located in /etc/rc.conf for most distros normaly near
the bottem and its normaly called something like XSESSION= and then you
put in your GUI.

Travis R.

> Shawn wrote:
>>I've installed Suse 9.2 on a laptop, with a minimum graphical
>> configuration
>>(no KDE or Gnome).  This means that the window manger used is FVWM -
>> which
>>sucks after you've used the other managers.  So, I now have Blackbox
>>installed - but can't find any method to change to it.
>>I've tried looking at the .xsession script, and some of the X11 config
>> files,
>>but I don't know enough to be modifying these in this case.  The online
>>resource I've found don't seem to match the Suse environment...
>>I know I could install KDM for the login window, and it'll give me a
>> choice of
>>which window manager to use, but I'm trying to avoid installing the KDE
>> files
>>(simply to preserve disk space - nothing against KDE).  Is there any
>> other
>>simple method to change to Blackbox?  Or am I better off to just bite the
>>bullet and use KDM?
> As for as I know... It's all in /etc/X11
> Using YaST you can just uninstall fvwm and install blackbox or Ice
> and that should take care of everything for you.
> Uninstalling the current wm is the trick.
> Peter

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