[clug-talk] OT : IT forum/newsgroup

Steven K vin at telus.net
Sun Jan 30 08:36:40 PST 2005

Thanks for the response. I kinda had a feeling that something like that
didn't exist. I used to post on a forum @ www.hackers.com. It had a lot of
users and was kinda of a one-stop-shop for support on pretty much anything.
Its no longer around and I was hoping to find something similar.

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> I think you may be looking just a tad too broadly. Any mailing list that
> broad would have hundreds, if not thousands of messages per day, which
> pretty much makes it ineffective. The Calgary IT community is very large
> and very diverse, so I doubt that a single gathering place would be all
> that effective. Maybe that's why one doesn't really exist - or everybody
> has been keeping it a secret from me :)
> For a hugely broad discussion forum on IT, the grand daddy is
> slashdot.org. But it's not the best place to ask questions. Good mailing
> lists tend to be much more focused.
> If you just want to keep abreast of all kinds of IT related issues, you
> may not really want a mailing list, but a news site. There are quite a
> number of interesting news sites. Some of my regular reads include The
> Register, Slashdot, NewsForge, Ars Technica, Linux Today (google for the
> URL's).
> ...Niels
> p.s. I'd be curious if other mailing list members have some favorites, I
> may not be aware of.
> Steven K wrote:
> > I was wondering if there is a discussion forum or a newsgroup for
> > Linux & windows & hardware and any other IT issues for calgary.
> > Clug-talk is great I am just looking for another one thats more
> > broad. If there isn't a local one could some reccomend a good that
> > covers all these things.
> >
> > Sorry for another OT post.
> >
> >
> >
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