[clug-talk] Suse Enterprise Eval updates?

Dave Watkins dave at davewatkins.net
Sat Jan 29 23:07:04 PST 2005

FYI Shawn I had the same problem.... still looking for a solution but I
think you have to register with Novel to get the UN/Pwd. BTW, though this is
an "eval" the 39 days referred to is the time that support is offered.

Cheers, Dave

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I finally got Suse installed on that rackmount server, but had to go to the 
SLES evaluation CDs to do it.  So far, things are running fine (in the 
process of getting the box configured the way it needs to be), but cannot 
seem to run the online update.  I'm prompted for a username/password.  I've 
tried the username/password I used to download the SLES eval cds, but that 
doesn't work.  I've also tried pointing the updates at the calgary mirror of

Suse, and that's not working.

Any tips?  Or am I out of luck because I'm using the eval version?



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