[clug-talk] Oronoco Cards, Pigtail cables & external antennas....

Juan Alberto Cirez jcirez at telus.net
Sat Jan 29 13:14:52 PST 2005

Does anyone know about a supplier in Canada where I can get these items:
Proxim/Orinoco PCI/PC cards pigtail cables/connectors and external
antennas...Maybe an amplifier too, without paying an arm and a leg. The
cards have to be 802.11b/g compatible...

PCI card info located at
PC card info located at

Cables and pigtail connectors to external antennas info located at

Antenna kits info available at

Ready-made cables with connectors info located at

It is important to get assurances that the "pigtail" connectors are
compatible with the connectors on the card, otherwise the cables and/or
external antennas are useless....

Let me know about prices: 604.585.2407 (home) & 604.540.3862(work)
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