[clug-talk] OT: Computer Power Issues

Peter Carless pcarless at carless.com
Fri Jan 28 09:32:01 PST 2005

Hi Jason,
This may be a long shot but have you checked to see if the voltage selector 
switch on the power supply is set for 115v and not 220 volt.
I once put together a machine with a brand new case and power supply. The 
computer booted up, but acted really flakey, after trying quite a few 
things to no avail I discovered that the power supply was set for 220 
volts. Switching to 115 volts cured all the problems.

Before this experience I would have assumed that the power supply would not 
work at all if the switch was set to the incorrect voltage, but apparently 
this is not the case.

I admit that this is a very long shot, but it will only take a few seconds 
to check. The voltage selector switch is usually located on the back of the 
power supply and you should not even have to crack the computer case to 
check it


At 11:43 PM 27/01/2005, you wrote:
>I've recently replaced a HDD from a 8Gb to a 80Gb for a family member.
>  Also seemed well and no problems until I brought the computer back to
>him.  The computer had issues booting up.  The computer would start up
>but would not boot the OS and sometimes the HDD was not detected,
>(everything was working at my place.)  I wiggled the wires and same
>odd results. I figured the HDD was damaged on the trip over so I
>brought it home.  Once again everything worked.  So I figured that it
>might be the cold, (was -20C to -30C the last time.)  Once4 again the
>computer had issues booting up.  I left it there and the next day the
>computer still does not boot up.
>So on a hunch I thought I'd test out the outlet power.  In my house I
>get 120V.  In his house I was getting 116V to 117V even from the
>outlets by the fusebox.
>What is the voltage that should be coming out of the outlet?
>Would the drop in 3V - 4V cause HDD power issues and odd shutdown /
>power save modes, HDD detection issues and intermitent OS boot
>If the power isn't causing the issue what else might be causing the problem?
>I've also been told that the power supply might need replacing since
>it is only a 250A PS.  Also I've been told the new HDD might push the
>rail over.
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