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Giovanni Cuzzola giovannicuzzola at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 26 18:22:02 PST 2005

Hi Jarrod,

It would be easier if they would have an "open house" day. Sometimes, it is 
hard to guess title if you dont know what you are looking for.



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>I suggest that everyone who ordered books to be patient. You've got your
>confirmation email, they will get in touch with you when they are ready.
>For those that are sitting on the fence, please take a gander at the search
>and see if there's anything that interests you. The more they sell, the
>better off they will be.
>Nexus supported CLUG for years, I would like us to pay them back if we can
>and buy up as much of their remaining stock as we can.
>Thanks for helping!
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> >     Nick:
> >
> >     Here is the Nexus URL.
> >
> >      I bought a couple books yesterday, and I got a reply by E-Mail,
> > but  they didn't tell me, how can I pay for it, or how can I get the
> > books.
> >
> >     http://www.nexuscomputerbooks.com/search.php
> >
> >     Cheers,
> >
> >     Joseph.
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