[clug-talk] Best distro for

Niels Voll nvoll at voho.com
Tue Jan 25 02:21:57 PST 2005

Travis Rousseau wrote:

> Niels Voll wrote:
>> I'm able to get at the bios on the promise raid setup on my ASUS 
>> motherboard during the bootup process without having a floppy or cd. 
>> It just requires a certain key press during the bootup process. Is 
>> that not possible in your system?
On my system a message flashes (very briefly!) specifying which key to 
press just before the operating system starts booting (in my case just 
before the GRUB startup screen shows up. On my system it's Ctrl-F to get 
into the area to set up the hardware raid.

> What key? the instruction book for mine just says to insert the floppy 
> but if there is a key that would be killlllllllerr!!!!!
>> Alternatively - if you think you still need to boot from floppy, you 
>> can create a bootable CD from a bootable floppy.
> Still  need a floppy drive for that :-P ( i think)
Sorry, I was assuming you might have another system with a floppy and CD 
burning capabilities, but if that's not the case, things get quite bit 
trickier...   :(  

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