[clug-talk] Enterprise Linux?

Travis Rousseau unleashed at unleashedgamers.com
Thu Jan 20 21:07:19 PST 2005

Well for Redhat I have one RHEL3 server and a few RH9 and FC3 computers. 
  From them there is a few main differences the first is support for 
RHEL Redhat provides support right to you. For FC3 you find what support 
you can (You'll find it for everything!). The second main difference is 
your not using release packages (or at least me) with RHEL3 your using 
old packages with security fixes back ported to older "Known to be fully 
stable". Now with fedora core you get the packages at release time and 
they have undergone little if any testing so you do not know how well it 
will react in the situation it is put in and you must worry about 
package discrepancys.

I will install a Suse Enterprise server 9 from novell right now and 
report back the diffrences for suse.

Travis R.

Shawn wrote:
> I have a contact who is considering an enterprise Linux solution, but I don't 
> think he really needs one.  Before I give him my "formal" opinion, I thought 
> I'd ask what the difference is between a regular desktop version and the 
> enterprise version of Linux. (say Suse Pro vs Suse Enterprise)
> As I understand things (and freely admit I could be wrong), there is no 
> difference other than the bundled support contract with the Enterprise 
> edition.  Is this correct?  Or are there other differences in terms of 
> available packages or the "quality" of the packages?
> Thanks for any input.
> Shawn
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