[clug-talk] Query - Reading OOo/SO Files Formats

Dany Allard dany.allard at trema.com
Wed Jan 19 08:27:16 PST 2005

If I understand the question correctly, he would be looking for a 
lightweight way of reading OOo files.
If he only has a 16Meg USB key installing OO is probably not an option.
I know this sounds bad, but I usually save the file in .doc format, 
since both MS and OO can open the files I can open them anywhere (yes 
some of the formatting may be affected).


 Dany Allard

Kevin Anderson wrote:

>Why wouldn't you just install OO.  That has the viewer, editing capabilities, 
>and it's free.  For what purpose would there also be a viewer?
>On Tuesday 18 January 2005 21:55, Cameron Nikitiuk wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>Was sitting around wondering if there are file viewers available for
>>OpenOffice.org/StarOffice file formats.  I am thinking of something similar
>>to Microsoft's offering of WOrd, Excell & PowerPoint readers that will
>>allow to you to view and print but not edit the files.
>>Ideally I would mind the extra functionality of being able to edit the file
>>as well.  In the few minutes of ggogling I did I couldn;t really find much
>>but I thought I remembered something about AbiWord.  I went to
>>abisource.com and sure enough there appears to be a plug-in for OOo files
>>and for SO 5.x files.  ANyone have experience with these?  Better
>>I am looking for something that I could potentially load on a USB key.  I
>>know abiword can fit on a key and will run within a windows environment so
>>that is an option, but I don't want to limit myself.
>>Also, am looking for a spreadsheet and presentation program similar to
>>aboword that would ideally fi on a usb key and offering the same type of
>>funtionality I was refering to above.
>>My thinking with this is that if people knoew of the file viewers available
>>for OOo and SO, then that might aid in the migration to the those products.
>>If you were able to offer up OOo/SO files from your website but also
>>provide people with the readers, then people might think twice about
>>"choosing" or feeling forced to purchase MS office.
>>Sorry for the rambling...is getting late and I am tired.. and under the
>>weather!! :-(
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