[clug-talk] [OT] Wireless "A" or DualBand routers?

Niels Voll nvoll at voho.com
Thu Jan 13 08:59:13 PST 2005

Travis Rousseau wrote:

> I like the BatBox! http://www.batbox.org/wrt54g-linux.html
I didn't have that one in my bookmarks yet - thanks!

>> From my research, I've come to the conclusion that the "A" standard 
>> is really mostly interesting if:
>> * you need to hook up to an existing corporate A network (most public 
>> access points have never really taken to the A standard)
>> * where you are needing to implement WiFi, the 2.4 GHz band is 
>> already overloaded (too many WiFi neighbors, too many Microwave 
>> Ovens, too many wireless 2.4GHz phones), and you therefore need some 
>> less used frequency range
> not yet but soon hopefully lol

another way to reduce/avoid clutter in the 2.4 GHz range, one can now 
easily get wireless phones in the 5GHz range. Haven't found a 5GHz 
microwave oven yet :)

>> If neither of the above situations applies, the A standard is 
>> probably a downgrade from the G/B standard,
>> * typically shorter distances
> Just in house so this is a nice factor
> *Looks for the wardrivers out my window*


>> * much fewer compatible devices
> *Again looks for the wardrivers out my window, Points and laughs at 
> the ones using netstumbler in windows because they cant see my closed 
> network*
> P.S Im not paranoid about wardrivers, Im one kina, and I know a few 
> ways to keep a wireless network secure the main one's for every one 
> are as folows:
> Disable your wireless SSID brodcast <- this one protects you from all 
> windows wardrivers!
> Use mac address filtering
> Use WEP though farly easyly broken with FMS attacks (millions of 
> packets are normaly needed) http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1814 
> is a good link

WPA would be a much nicer option, but I haven't gotten that working yet 
under Linux. I'm not sure, if it's even available out of the box on in 
any distros.

By the way, the Security Focus article suggest, that with the current 
crop of cracking tools it only takes a few 100k packets to crack a WEP key.

> Don't be those stupid people that plug the router in and DONT EVEN PUT 
... although it can be kind of handy if your cable broadband goes down 
and your neighbor has unprotected WiFi connected to DSL  :)


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