[clug-talk] Communications Coordinator

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Tue Jan 11 16:10:42 PST 2005

Thanks Kari.  That was the info I was looking for.


On Tuesday 11 January 2005 16:55, kMajor at gov.mdrockyview.ab.ca wrote:
> Hey Shawn and group
> The main reason for only the core positions to be elected is that the
> Societies Act only indicates 4 Executive/Director positions.
> The secondary reason for this is it is really hard enough to get 4 core
> position filled for a year.
> The third reason is that appointed positions can be added, removed or
> replaced as the elected board sees fit considering the situation.  So that
> if you lose an appointed Exec member they can be replaced by the remaining
> Executive  - which is unlike an elected position where there would have to
> be a Special General meeting called (as we did for Marcel) or the position
> would remain vacant until the next AGM.
> My recommendation would be have names to put forward at the AGM so that the
> Executive can vote on that person(s) at their first quarterly Executive
> meeting.
> I hope that answers your questions...
> The Communications Coordinator did not have a job description written up
> for it but that position has been responsible for the website (including
> updates) the mailing list and any advertising CLUG may do for events,
> meetings, etc.  As I know that there are many people within our group that
> have the skills to do this job - I would encourage you all to think about
> whether you would like to put your name forward as an interested person for
> this position.
> Now I will be honest... I cornered Jason at one of the
> after-meeting-meetings... and after come cajoling (and wings) he agreed to
> be appointed as the Communications Coordinator.  He did a great job and put
> a lot of enthusiasm and ideas forward.  I truly enjoyed working with you
> Jason and fully understand that sometimes life gets in the way :-)
> Sincerely
> Kari

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