[clug-talk] Recycling Fees

Kin C Wong kwong at csa-pdk.com
Mon Jan 10 15:45:09 PST 2005

On 1/10/2005 1:55:31 PM, CLUG General (clug-talk at clug.ca) wrote:
 > Hello All;
 > Starting on February 1st, 2005 the Alberta Government will be implementing
 > it's Electronics Recycling Tax.

I sent in my two cents worth of comments to the government and encourage 
everyone to do the same.  I believe that recycling works when you allow 
people the option of personal effort or pay for service.  Many of the 
people that use the recycling depots would not be doing so if the only 
option was to paid for the service of someone to pickup and sort our waste.

I participated in the last e-recycle initiative but on hind site I would 
gladly pay for a courier to deliver the items to Ralph's home.

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