[clug-talk] usability, extra packages for kde and other

bogi khangyi at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 9 11:21:00 PST 2005

Hi All, Aaron.

I have stumbled upon some intresting packages to put on my kde desktop, so i 
went on the website to download them, only to find the latest version did not 
work with the version of kde that i run. Now most people would be reluctant 
to change the kde they have with the distro, to start, it's a 70 meg 
download, and taked a few hours to compile, for just a small package. Now, i 
ended up going back on the versions, until i found one that actually worked 
with the version i had. My suggestion is, put a note on the website, next to 
the package, saying what versions of kde/qt other libs this version will work 
with. I think i would save a few hours of frustration trying to find a 
suitable download.

On a side note, have you thought of creating a kde-plug-in system not unlike 
the firefox one, so if you want say the kderatiostation package, it would 
just dl the appropriate version for your kde and install it after root auth. 

sheers <- i need to visit barber's shop soon :-)

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