[clug-talk] Notice of Intent

Niels Voll nvoll at voho.com
Thu Jan 6 15:47:05 PST 2005

Hi Jarrod and Kari,
A big thanks for your valued service to the Linux / FLOSS community here 
in Calgary; Having given a good chunk of your time over the last couple 
of years is more than anyone could have expected and it is very much 
appreciated. I hope you'll have more fond memories of this time than 
stressful one's (as there are always stresses in leadership positions). 
And I hope, that your upcoming projects will be stimulating and rewarding.

Thanks again!


Jarrod Major wrote:

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>Over the Christmas holidays I did some deliberation and I have decided that 
>come the AGM I will not avail myself for the postion of President of CLUG or 
>any other Executive Board position. I will not accept any nominations. A big 
>reason for this is a strong desire to work on my own personal projects. CLUG 
>has become something of a second job for me and I think it's time I stepped 
>back. I also think that it is time for someone else's vision for the group.
>Please know that this decision was in no way meant to spite anyone within the 
>group nor was it due to bad feelings. It has been a challenging year but I 
>think that this Executive has weathered the adversities that faced us.
>I am content with what I have done personally for the group and as a part of 
>the Board. I will remain an active member in the group and perhaps with more 
>free time I will be able to get more involved with things like workshops.
>For your information Kari Major also gave notice a few months back to the 
>Executive Board that she will not continue on as Secretary. So this means 
>that there will be at least two core Executive positions up for grabs at the 
>We will most likely have the AGM in March. A formal announcement and 
>advertising will be sent out once that date has been confirmed. Each Tier Two 
>member will be notified via email at the address they provided when they 
>signed up or when they last renewed. A message will also be posted to this 
>list in case we missed anyone. Only Tier Two members are allowed to vote at 
>the AGM. Once we announce the AGM, we will accept nominations for the four 
>core Executive Board roles: President, Vice-President, Secretary and 
>If you would like to obtain a Tier Two membership contact secretary at clug 
>dot ca for details or look on the CLUG website http://clug.ca
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