[clug-talk] Revolution OS on CBC tonight at 11:25 pm

Jarrod Major jmajor at nucleus.com
Thu Jan 6 13:20:08 PST 2005

On Thursday 06 January 2005 2:04 pm, Curtis Sloan wrote:
> I have the DVD that HP was giving away... what's different between that and
> the 2-disc special edition?  I'd be interested in knowing if any of it will
> be on TV so I can tape it (<= lame attempt at staying on-topic ;-).

I noticed a few minor changes during the movie (Disc 1), the second disc has a 
ton of extra footage for the interviews that didn't make it into the 
documentary. I can't remember what else Disc 2 has. Check the Revolution OS 
site http://revolution-os.com to see more.

BTW, Nexus may have a copy or two of the 2-disc set, email 
contact at nexuscomputerbooks.com to see if they still have it.
Jarrod Major
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