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Thu Jan 6 12:46:48 PST 2005

As an addition to Niels email regarding Revolution OS

We have received an email from a developer at zed.cbc and the link to the website is included.


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+AD4- Hello Linux Heads -
+AD4- Just a quick note that CBC will be airing Revolution OS ( 
http://www.revolution-os.com ) tonight (Thursday, Jan6th) at 11:25 PM on ZeD ( http://zed.cbc.ca ) .. along with a special announcement at the end of the show..   +AD4AOw-)  

Episode preview available at http://zed.cbc.ca/go.ZeD?CONTENT+AF8-ID+AD0-202377+ACY-page+AD0-content

I would certainly appreciate it if you would forward the announcement to the LUG list, we (the developers here at ZeD) have been pushing pretty hard and the announcement at the end of the movie is something we're very excited about.. also, it's a bit of a watershed for the CBC which tends to be conservative towards new ideas. Any posititve feedback to the CBC would also bolster support for any possible future announcements of a related nature. :)

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