[clug-talk] Notice of Intent

Curtis Sloan curtis.sloan at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 6 10:28:00 PST 2005

On Thu January 6 2005 10:27, Jarrod Major wrote:
> Over the Christmas holidays I did some deliberation and I have decided that
> come the AGM I will not avail myself for the postion of President of CLUG
> or any other Executive Board position. I will not accept any nominations. A
> big reason for this is a strong desire to work on my own personal projects.
> CLUG has become something of a second job for me and I think it's time I
> stepped back. I also think that it is time for someone else's vision for
> the group.

Not to put a preemptive tone on the thread, but hopefully one of gratitude...

I for one have appreciated your efforts and admire your passion to see CLUG 
grow and thrive.  I consider myself honored to have been able to get to know 
you and Kari a little bit better via your public, volunteer positions.  I'm 
glad it's not "over" and I look forward to your continuing contributions on 
the mailing list and at meetings.  In short, thanks!

Curtis S.

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