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Giovanni Cuzzola giovannicuzzola at linuxmail.org
Thu Jan 6 07:51:56 PST 2005

Hi Kevin, 

I took the diploma 2 years ago and they taught java.
I have never heard of Sait teaching Pascal, Fortran, Qbasic.
Are you sure he is not at Devry ? Sait does not have Comp Science.
I have already checked the course for the degree there, and none of those
courses are mentioned.

Also, thanks everyone to respond. I agree with most of you when you say 
that it is better to learn on your own and course are worthless. 
On the other hand, I think courses are very important if you work in
corporation in a big team. This is because computer courses usually 
teach some standard to follow while working in a group. 
I think if you learn a language on your own you become an "hacker" while
if you learn "well" in school you could become a good professional.
I know many people might disagree, but man I am here to criticize and being 



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> One of the people here is taking a comp sci course at SAIT.  Last semester, he
> took C++, and Java.  He's looking forward to Pascal (not even Turbo), Fortran
> and Qbasic this semester.  Now really, ESPECIALLY given the order they're
> taught in, is there any reason AT ALL for either of the programming courses
> he's in this semester?  Sure, they used to matter.  There might have even
> been a slightly increased need during Y2K.  But really, does every comp sci
> student need to take them?
> Kev.

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