[clug-talk] Yay!!!!

Chris Lobkowicz chris_lobkowicz at rapid.ca
Wed Jan 5 21:45:22 PST 2005

At least you dont have to recompile from the 10+ diskettes anymore, and 
it doesnt load a .com file first, then fire up the nlm's!

Asking for the scsi disk, thats just wrong...
sheesh, that does sound exactly like netware.

Growing pains, hopefully.

On Jan 5, 2005, at 21:29, Kevin Anderson wrote:

> So I'm installing Suse 9.2, and it says Novell at the bottom.  I 
> didn't think anything of it until it asked for my driver disk.
>  So I have 5 CDs in front of me, and they couldn't bother to put the 
> SCSI driver where it could simply be loaded.  I have no Floppy drive 
> in my desktop or in this box.
>  I love Novell..  Now they're bringing the simple pleasures of Netware 
> right into Linux.
>  Using an OS should be a privelege you earn through pain of 
> installation (but Debian's taken this too far).
>  Don't tell me any other CNEs out there don't know EXACTLY what I'm 
> talking about...
>  If I was a woman, I'd have Ray Noorda's children.
>  Kev.
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