[clug-talk] Yay!!!!

Kevin Anderson maillist at digital-adrenaline.com
Wed Jan 5 20:29:13 PST 2005

So I'm installing Suse 9.2, and it says Novell at the bottom.  I
didn't think anything of it until it asked for my driver disk.

So I have 5 CDs in front of me, and they couldn't bother to put the
SCSI driver where it could simply be loaded.  I have no Floppy
drive in my desktop or in this box.


I love Novell..  Now they're bringing the simple pleasures of Netware right into Linux.

Using an OS should be a privelege you earn through pain of installation (but Debian's taken this too far).

Don't tell me any other CNEs out there don't know EXACTLY what I'm talking about...

If I was a woman, I'd have Ray Noorda's children.


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